Return to the Lost Adams Diggings

The Lost Adams Legend has inspired countless adventurers to investigate, explore, and fill that deep-seated human need to interact with history and the land around us.

The Story Continues…


A wide variety of books by the likes of Jameson, Campa, and McKenna address lost mines, treasure, and legend in the American Southwest. Most volumes contain at least one reference or story of the Lost Adams Gold Diggings – called by a variety of names per McKenna’s “Black Range Tales”.

The new book by Richard “Dick” French details the multi-decade quest of Ron Schade and Paul Hale to locate, identify, document, and prospect the ONLY Lost Adams Gold Placer locality to match with ALL of the physical features in the world-famous legend. Read about the quest in the new 288-page book, featuring numerous pictures, diagrams, MAPS, and even assay reports over  5oz/ton of Gold from an area that geologists proclaimed was devoid of precious metal mineralization, and one which has produced artifactual evidence dating mining activity by colonial Spanish explorers in the area to as far back as the 1600’s.

This new, fact and artifact-based book has many twists and turns as it takes you through the journey of Paul Hale and Ron Schade in their successful pursuit of the famous Lost Adams Gold Diggings.