As with much of the content of this site, the Western states for which Rockhounding maps are planned or already included are:

  • New Mexico
  • Arizona
  • Colorado
  • California
  • Nevada
  • Utah
  • Idaho
  • Oregon
  • Washington
  • Wyoming
  • Montana

Huge banded red agate

Rockhounding is the most universal and least disruptive form of interactive land use by the general public. This traditional form of exploration and discovery is under assualt by those who would essentially eliminate the land by legislating it out of existence for all interactive human activity. The ostensible goal of “preservation”, taken to the Nth degree as it so often is, readily reveals itself to be pure idiocy, selfishness, and spite just by considering that the entire planet is made out of rocks (!) – clearly these petty forces of anti-human hypocracy have never tried to carry any amount of rocks very far across natural terrain or do any amount of digging with a hand tool. Casual collecting is extremly low-threat to anything when considered realistically.

The wind blows, the rain flows, and more semi-precious rocks than have ever been collected by all humans across all time are covered up or exposed on a daily basis. Things declared “priceless” and rare by the breatheless, ignorant eco-worshippers or their illegally biased insitutional thugs are often in fact part of widespread and unimaginably massive geological structures that are essentially inexhaustible – making the trip to Mars is a far more feasible feat than is ever considering that all of humanity combined could ever collect every piece of petrified wood in existence, for example, even if we tried.

The value of the stones is in their story content, their recovery and exhaltation by the discoverer, the impact that they have of imparting a sense of natural wonder about the world, and the vigorous physical and intellectual exercise that are required in their successful pursuit.