June 21, 2024

Geoglyphs and Google Earth Treasure Signs

The mystery of why ancient people would have created large geoglyphs seemingly only viewable from high in the air is an enduring and fascinating topic.

Had they figured out how to fill llama gut bladders with hot air or perhaps even hydrogen derived from some primitive form of electrolysis?

Were the glyphs viewable through some mythical means during a vision-state brought on by meditation, Peyote, Ayahuasca, or some other consciousness-projecting means?

Perhaps actual shape-shifting was involved?

Or, were they just showing off advanced mathematical and engineering skills, perhaps to some actual or imagined sky-lords.

Whatever the case, the mystery remains, as it seems that most theories are far too beyond the pale to be taken at face value without a mountain of scientific proof that has so far not been forthcoming.

As far as treasure signs go, I hold to the theory that nothing symbolic that you can see from Google Earth has anything to do with any purposeful cache of valuables. Try getting on site and using sky-line clues, and I think that you will do a lot better than chasing satellite imagery coincidences.

I’ll update the following list of geoglyph locations as often as I can, with special emphasis of ones that may be lesser-known than Nazca:

Blythe Intaglios:  33.800315°, -114.531877°

Fisherman Geoglyph:  33.790679°, -114.094454°

Bird Figure: -6.79595056, -79.3003361 (Location shared by Pablo Miladinoff – see Facebook)

Steppe Geoglyphs:  49.860733°, 65.335974°

Nazca Bird: -14.692160°, -75.148913°

Over at the Daily Grail, they’ve posted about 50 new Nazca Lines which were recently discovered.




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