July 16, 2024

New Book: Golden Tome of Treasue Signs, Symbols, and Marks

Have you ever thought about what signs and clues to hidden wealth and history might be laying about in plain sight?

What might you have walked right past because you could not tell the natual from the intentional?

The new book Golden Tome of Treasure Signs, Symbols, and Marks is full of pictures and advice for what to look for when out roaming the land.

Even if you are not a treasure hunter, your outdoor activities like hiking, hunting, rockhounding, historical exploration, photography, or OHV use can all be enhanced by developing a better Eye to see what has been left behind by those who came before.


Click Book Image to go to Amazon:

Fresh pictures of treasure signs, symbols, and marks, in addition to some stone maps, treasure hunting and metal detecting advice, and even some El Chato waybills!






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