June 21, 2024


Top-level cateogories of Links to help you in your quest:

More specific content:

  • Ancient Origins www.ancient-origins.net
    • Site with a constantly-updated stream of archaeological, historical, and treasure-related articles.  If you follow such things, this site was reporting on the Antikythera Device years before it was ever accecpted as academoic fact and made the mainstream news.
  • Treasure Net www.treasurenet.com
    • User forum of all sorts of treasure hunting and exploration topics, from coinshooting with metals detectors, to years-long threads about famous treasure legends and lost mines.  Read the FAQ and search the huge pile of old threads, and then post a comment if you can’t find what you were looking for; or share a story or a picture of your most recent find.
  • Vatican Digital Library https://digi.vatlib.it/
    • Digital library of over 4,400 of the 80,000+ documents in the library going back to 1451. An improved search engine capability is supposedly in the works.
  • Mystery Glyphs http://www.mysteryglyphs.com/
    • A category of glyphs with a very distinct style spread throughout the West. Who spent the time to make these very glyphs of such a specific nature? When were they made? What do they communicate? And, why, if some sort of a hoax, are they put is such very remote and obscure locations instead of where they would be easily discovered. Researchers are working hard to crak the code on these mystery glyphs, but maybe you can beat them to the punch?
  • Terry Carter YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIIHULhte4leC2K1GZHArVA
    • A great YouTube channel with tons of interviews and stories about all sorts of hidden treasures, historical mysteries, old west style adventures, and out of place artifacts. Great to listen to in the car on your way to an adventure!