July 16, 2024


If there is one thing associated with exploration and adventure, it has to be maps!

Maps are a compact and efficient representation of multiple layers of information, delivered at a glance, and invented centires, if not millennia, before solid state computing and the web connecting you to this page right now.

A lot of the content of this site is centered on the representation of information on maps, and even on maps themselves.  Modern digital archives, some curated by generous philanthropists, some by insitutions of higher learning or historical societies, make exploring rare and ancient maps much more accessible and easy than in any time previously known to man!

If only the explorers and researchers of old had access to the rich map information we have now (not to mention, GPS), then maybe many of those old lost mines, lost cities, hidden settlements, and vanished places would not still be out there waiting to be discovered by clever and hardworking adventurers.

Planned, or already active, are Google Earth based KML resources focused on the following topics:

  • Treasure Legend Maps
  • Maps to real Gold, Silver, and Copper mines
  • Maps to Ghost Towns and Historical Sites
  • Rockhounding Location Maps

There are also links to quality resources for:

  • Modern USGS Topographic Maps
  • Modern Aerial Imagery Maps
  • Historical USGS and PLSS Maps
  • Historical and Ancient Map Archives