July 16, 2024


The Arizona Mines are separated into several catergories to make viewing easier.  Bookmark the one you like best for faster access.

Arizona is a great “reverse winter” region in much of the South and West part of the state, and metal detectorists have an especially good chance of success.  The higher elevations can actually be quite cold and snow-covered in the winter, so always check local conditions, and be safe!

Arizona is known for several mineral types in addition to the elements Gold (Au), Silver (Ag), and Copper (Cu). A huge variety of Copper and Silver minerals covering all imaginable shades of blue and green abound throughout the state, and there is of course the famous rainbow petrified wood from the Petrified Forest National Park region, which just happens to be right next to Meteor Crater, where in days past before overly-restrictive collection laws, you could actually go and find chunks of meteorite! For fun, look at Petrified Forest National Park on Google Earth sometime. You will see huge logs everywhere. Imagine if you can, how much more is buried in the earth – not exactly a scarce occurrence, unless made so *unnaturally* through tyrannical means.