June 21, 2024


This website is dedicated to interactive outdoor activity on public and private lands in the USA related to:

  • Prospecting
  • Rockhounding
  • History and Legend
  • Exploration

Like the site title says, the topic of the Lost Adams Gold Diggings is of interest, but really, the site is about much more than that.

A number of resources have been (and are being…) carefully brought together and curated to help you get the most out of your next interactive adventure:

If you mostly sit on your couch watching National Geographic, never venturing past the paved paths and sneering, armed bureaucrats in ranger hats, and selfishly and hypocrtically vote with the eco-fascists against the rights of your fellow Citizens to use the public land, then this site is not for you: please leave.  Stay in your resource-hog of a city, think happy, ignorant thoughts about the real outdoor world, and please leave the true users of the outdoors alone.

If, on the other hand, you believe strongly in interacting with the natural and historical world in a personal, responsible way, and that this is your right as a free Citizen-owner, then WELCOME: we hope to see you out there. “There” being that place with which your soul demands frequent contact, that place where you spend all the free time you can muster, where you have the privelage of personally and directly experiencing and interacting with the wonder of the living, breathing natural world. Also, where you somehow never see the self-righteous, self-proclaimed expert Bambi crowd who claim so much concern over land they will never experience or understand, but who selfishly demand that others never get to use or experience in any real way.

If it’s your thing, then there’s no replacement or equivalent for what you can experience outdoors and away from the clustered herd, in whatever way you like to enjoy it, so please consider that everyone out there has a right to experience it in a way that best suits theirself. And enjoy… it’s out there!