But… a little head start showing you areas that might be worthy of checking out can’t hurt!

Check all land status, obey all laws, and have fun. You assume all risk.

More legends and locations of interest are added on a regular basis, so check back soon.

Below the banner and the map app is a list of the treasure area locations in the Map view as of right now:

El Chato Nevarez – Caballo Mountains TREASURE: Many mule loads of silver.  A rich gold vein high on the mountain is also mentioned.
SYNOPSIS: El Chato Nevarez aka, Pedro Nevarez, is widely believed to have raided all up and down the Camino Real portion of the Jornada del Muerto.
Wick’s Gulch Gold TREASURE: 2,500 ounces of placer Gold, hidden somewhere near a cabin in Wick’s Gulch in an iron pot.
SYNOPSIS: An early miner in this rich placer and hardrock gold mining district of Hillsboro, New Mexico was murdered for his gold.
Lost DuPont Gold Mine TREASURE: A very rich free-milling Gold mine, which supplied the income for a cache of gold coins buried near the camp in an oak grove.
SYNOPSIS: Two hard-luck miners worked their way from El Paso, Texas, up to the Nacimiento mountains of New Mexico, but a conflict led to murder.
Lost Malpais Cabin Loot TREASURE: Gold coins with face value of $50,000 in about 1880.
SYNOPSIS: Bandits seeking shelter at a hidden cabin deep in the lava badlands (malpais) happen across other bandits that are already there.  As the smoke clears, only one is left alive, and he can only take so much of the loot.
Doubtful Canyon Stagecoach Loot TREASURE: Between $28,000 and $30,000 (much more in today’s dollars!) of company assets in Gold as well as likely other valuables in the strong box.
SYNOPSIS: A stagecoach ambush in Doubtful Canyon one mile West of Steins Station on the New Mexico-Arizona state line.
Lost Padre Silver Mine TREASURE: Church artifacts, loose gold coins, and a remaining vein of Silver so rich that it can be cut off with a chisel.
SYNOPSIS: Stand in the churchyard in Juarez, and look to the mountains.  Follow the mentioned signs to a high bluff and find the cave.  Two sets of landmarks are mentioned.
Treasure Mountain Bullion TREASURE: A cache so large that only a fraction of the 5+ million (old price!) in Gold could be transported from the mines.
SYNOPSIS: In the late 1700’s, a party of Frenchmen ventured deep into the Colorado wilds and worked a rich Gold zone.  Of 300 men, only two survived pass down the old map.
Granite Gap Loot TREASURE: A couple of Gold bars.
SYNOPSIS: On the way to Lordsburg, NM, an outlaw did his partner in, reported by some to be the result of a boastful dare, as supposedly cached a couple of Gold bars from a Tombstone stagecoach holdup.
Reynold\’s Bandit Treasure TREASURE: $75k in Gold, $100k in old currency and diamonds and jewels.
SYNOPSIS: After a string of robberies, the gang was on the run with a posse on their tails.  They holed up West of Schaffer\’s Crossing up Deer Creek.  A walled up old mine marked by a dagger in a tree at treeline holds the loot.
Espejo’s Lost Silver Mine TREASURE: Silver mines discovered and documented by the Spanish Explorer Antonio de Espejo in 1532.
SYNOPSIS: Early records of exploration indicate rich silver mines were discovered in the mountains near Zuni.  Records show it was worked in the early 1700’s.
Clark’s Lost Mine TREASURE: A very rich Silver mine with an actual historical record.
SYNOPSIS: In 1853 John Clark struck a rich lode somewhere near Cerro Colorado, AZ. Ore shipped to St. Lois netted a large sum, but a whole pile of the stuff was left when it was abandoned due to relentless Apache raids.